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Letter from the Principal

Hello, Future Caterpillars!

I am the principal of International Caterpillar Kids. I am from Korea but I spent my childhood in the U.S.A. I have a Bachelor's degree in German Literature and also a Master's Degree in Aesthetics from Tokyo University. Moreover, I also have a certificate of Child English Instructor.

I believe that “Nothing is impossible.” I am a good helper and full of love but also, a strict teacher that helps lead the children to the right way in their growth.

I am also a mother of two sons so I know how to treat kids properly. I am looking forward to meeting you soon!

私はインターナショナル キャタピラーキッズの園長です。



-Ms. Kay

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Our Teachers

スクールについて: Our Team
Ms. Rebecca

Ms. Rebecca

Hi! I'm Rebecca from Malaysia.
I'm so happy to be part of Caterpillar Kids.
Teaching English to the kids here has been a joy for me and I hope that by sharing with them who I am and where I come from, they can learn more about people from other countries.
I believe in this powerful statement of, "Today's Children are Tomorrow's Leaders." Hence, I am here to invest and empower these young ones through education and I look forward to how our future will look like, with them leading the way! 

Child Doing Art Activity

Our Roots

The C.K. Philosophy

Our teachers believe that the children of today will be our leaders of tomorrow. In order to get our little leaders where they need to be, they will need strong loving parents and teachers to help guide them.

As soon as your children step into Caterpillar Kids, it is our duty to not only teach, but to encourage, love, and care for those future leaders. We as teachers play a massive role in the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of children.  At an early age children embark on their journeys from being at home with their parents, to entering a new world, with new friends and teachers. It is our duty and pleasure to make sure this transition is as smooth and welcoming as possible for your child. We here at International Caterpillar Kids provide a safe and supportive environment for your children to grow and develop in, and help them learn the importance of creating relationships with others.



スクールについて: About Us
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